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A good landscape and garden begins with a good design. To learn how Xeriscaping can enhance your home and save you money on your water bill, read The 7 Principles of Xeriscape. You will also find information on water saving Bluegrass alternatives in this document.

Although the Front Range presents a special set of challenges for growing trees, the desire to have a large shade tree in your yard can be a reality. Learn more about caring for your trees in Castle Pines North.

Want to know the proper way to plant trees and shrubs? Our Tree and Shrub Planting Guidelines can get your plants off to the right start.

Full color guide to Xeriscape Plants

District Finances

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The Castle Pines North Metropolitan District is supported and funded by property taxes and user fees for water, wastewater and stormwater, as well as tap and infrastructure fees for new connections to the water and wastewater systems. The yearly budget and all financial statements are public record and are available at the Metro District office.

Capital Improvement Projects Funded by Property Taxes and Fees

Capital funds are being expended for the procurement of the acquisition of renewable water resources including storage treatment and transmission. Please visit our Renewable Water page for further information and updates regarding this topic.

Fee Schedule

A fee schedule is now available for review. These fees include those for Metro District Center Rentals, Park Pavilion, Park Land Dedication Fees and Utilities. These fees include those costs for cleaning, trash removal, maintenance, set up/break down, etc. If you have questions or comments about these fees, please contact the District Office. Please be specific with your comments, and include which fee(s) you are addressing.

2018 Fee Schedule

2018 Water Rates

In-District & Townhome Non-District Commercial
In-District Residential Water RatesNon-District Residential Water Commercial Indoor Water Rates
In-District Irrigation Rates
Non-District Irrigation Rates
Commercial Water Rates
Townhouse Water Rates

2018 Wastewater Rates

In-District Residential Wastewater Rates
Non-District Residential Wastewater Rates
Commercial Wastewater Rates
Commercial Indoor Wastewater Rates
Townhouse Wastewater Rates

Audit Reports

Audit Report - 2016

Audit Report - 2015
Audit Report - 2014
Audit Report - 2013
Audit Report - 2012
Audit Report - 2011
Audit Report - 2010

Financial Documents - Public Availability

Financial documents are available for public view by contacting Jim Nikkel, District Manager at 303-242-3262. Fees for copies and research may be applied.