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Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Five elected representatives serve on the Board of Directors, which govern the Metro District. The board, working with the district manager and staff, establishes policy and provides direction for the District. Board member meetings are held monthly and are open to the public. You can find more information on our Board Meetings. Learn How to become a board member.

Dave McEntire - President (term expires 2022)

Dave McEntire

David McEntire is a Colorado native with over 38 years of home building experience. As a Western State Colorado University Business graduate, his career began in 1980 with North American Homes, a leading builder in Colorado. After nine years in Colorado, he expanded into the Las Vegas market as Mainland General Manager for Honfed Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Honfed Federal Savings Bank of Hawaii. In 1993, David founded Amstar Homes. Over the years, he has built a sterling reputation for quality. His company's homes are nationally recognized for outstanding craftsmanship, design, and customer service, and routinely earn a five-star rating from J.D. Powers and Associates.

David learned the homebuilding business from the ground up. He has been involved in every facet of the process including proof of concept, design, finance, estimating, negotiating, purchasing, advertising, marketing, sales, quality control and customer service. He is recognized as the ‘Qualified Person,’ certified and licensed to work with federal (U.S. Departments of Interior and Veterans Affairs), state (Colorado & Nevada), and local governments (building departments, councils and numerous boards).

David has served as director and officer on numerous boards including National Association of Home Builders, Home Builders Association of Colorado Springs, Southern Nevada Home Builders Association, Southern Colorado Community Association Institute, numerous HOA’s, the City of Colorado Springs & El Paso County Drainage Board, The Church at Las Vegas, Western State Colorado University Foundation, and the Ronald McDonald House. He and his wife, Sarah, live in the Amber Ridge neighborhood and their daughter attends Timber Trail Elementary School.

In the context of pent-up voter frustration over excessive water rates, the imposition of non-voter-approved fees, proposed new property taxes, water-rate increases and debt load, the people of Castle Pines decisively elected David and his reform team to the Metro District Board in May 2018.

David believes that securing our renewable water future wisely and at less cost by potentially consolidating our community’s water and wastewater services with those of a larger, neighboring water district constitutes an efficient and economical option moving forward.

As a highly regarded homebuilder, David possesses an extraordinary depth and diversity of experience working with water districts and utility companies. David’s knowledge of finance, construction, operations, maintenance and financing of public infrastructure — combined with his rigidly methodical approach to evaluating less expensive renewable water alternatives to those that residents overwhelmingly rejected in both 2016 and 2018 — can result in a safe, reliable, less costly water future for the people of Castle Pines.

Immediately after his colleagues elected him as board president, David quietly immersed himself in leading the Metro District’s fact-based, data-driven, due diligence processes with an eye toward keeping his promise to deliver renewable water more wisely.

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Robert Merritt - Vice President (term expires 2022)

Robert Merritt

Robert and his family have lived in the Stonecroft neighborhood of Castle Pines for the last 14 years. He is a pilot for a major airline company. Prior to his aviation career, Robert attended Ohio State University and earned a Bachelor Degree of Science in Finance from Columbus State University in Georgia. After college, Rob worked at JB Hanauer, where he specialized in evaluating commercial securities and municipal bonds. This evaluation process entailed data collection and analysis of the offering statements, event notices, recent and historical annual reporting statements, and rating agencies.

When not flying, Robert prefers spending time with the love of his life, Christine, and their two daughters, all of whom are avid outdoor enthusiasts; they enjoy hiking, sailing, skiing, biking, motorcycling, and fishing. Long before it was hip, Robert was barbecuing for family and friends on his Green Egg, making brisket, pizza, and everything between. The Merritts attend Journey Church, a non-denominational, Christian congregation in Castle Pines.

In addition to his passion for collecting and restoring classic cars, Robert is in the process of curating a vinyl record collection that spans classical, jazz, and classic rock music genres. Though never finished, he continues the process of building out the family’s music-listening room that features an array of audio components (separates) and acoustical panels.

Robert believes that the people of Castle Pines pay among the highest water rates in the Denver-metro region and that our Metro District is too small and possesses insufficient economies of scale to deliver competitively priced water. He is one of four Metro District-reform Directors, whose renewable water vision and platform the community voted overwhelmingly to approve in May 2018.

Robert is using his time and position as a Director to usher in a new era of Metro District transparency with fewer executive sessions, while working diligently to secure our renewable water future wisely and at less cost. He has devoted himself to fast-tracking the responsible integration of our water and wastewater services with a larger water provider that delivers competitively priced water to its customers.

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Denise Crew - Treasurer (term expires 2020)

Denise Crew

Born and raised in a small Dutch community in northwest Iowa, Denise has lived in Douglas County since 1990, and is a 15-year resident of the Jasper Pointe neighborhood in Castle Pines.

She is a wife and mother of two girls, both of whom attended Timber Trail Elementary, Rocky Heights Middle School, and graduated from Rock Canyon High School.

Denise has worked in the mortgage lending industry for over 30 years. She is Vice President of Mortgage Lending at a large western-regional finance company, where she specializes in residential lending for homes and master-built communities throughout Colorado.

Denise loves to travel and is well on her way to exploring all 50 states. She particularly loves touring the West along with her husband, David, on their respective Harley Davidson motorcycles. She is also passionate about her four-legged companions (both canine and feline), and is partial to walking her dogs on trails and open spaces in Castle Pines and neighboring jurisdictions.

Prior to her service on the Castle Pines North Metro District Board, Denise served as a Highlands Ranch Metro District (HRMD) Director, where her governance responsibilities encompassed infrastructure, fire, public safety, public rights-of way, parks, trails, and open space.

During her tenure with HRMD, Denise earned a reputation for her straightforward, no-nonsense approach to collaborating with all kinds of people and divergent interests to identify common ground and resolve governance issues through conversation and compromise.

As one of four reform-minded, fiscal conservatives elected to the Metro District Board in May 2018, Denise is pursing the responsible integration of our community’s water and wastewater services with those of a larger water provider.

Denise is keenly aware that the City of Castle Pines will soon double in geographic size and population to accommodate the buildout of a new 3,343-acre development on the east side of I-25, called The Canyons. Because The Canyons will feature 2,500 new homes, 113 acres of new parks, and 1,400 acres of open space, Denise intends to spearhead the Metro District’s due diligence effort to responsibly consolidate parks, trails, and open space under one jurisdiction, thereby eliminating the duplication of administrative, operation, and maintenance costs.

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Norman Froman - Director (term expires 2020)

Norman Froman

Norman has lived in the Castle Pines area with his wife, Cheryl, for over 20 years. He has been intimately involved in water resource issues for decades throughout the West, the Front Range, and specifically in the Denver Basin Aquifer System.

Norman grew up and worked in the oil fields of Wyoming. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and a Masters in Geostatistics from the University of Wyoming. After college, he worked as a geologist for 15 years in Colorado for Phillips Petroleum.

There, Norman was responsible for gathering data for — and calculating the quantity of — subsurface oil and gas reserves, at thousands of feet in depth, and subsequently analyzing that data to assess the reliability and potential production life of subsurface reservoirs.

Norman left Phillips Petroleum to become founder, president, and CEO of his own company, Geotechnologies, that was for 20 years a national leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). His company’s core business specialized in GIS, using satellite imagery as the basis to create high-resolution map and data digitizing and conversion services. Norman also specialized in creating 2-D and 3-D data displays of mountainous terrain, pipeline rights-of-way, and large-scale engineering projects. Among the Norman’s professional achievements, of which he is most proud:

 creating the first GIS system for the City & County of Denver, featuring a 124-square-mile, GIS conversion with 37 layers of highly accurate data;

 contracting with Lockheed-Martin to design a new, state-of-the-art, artillery-targeting system that allows the U.S. Air Force, to locate moving enemy vehicles within a single meter of accuracy, using Ground Movement Tracking Indicators (GMTI); and

 designing and creating a complex vehicle-tracking system that the U.S. Army uses in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait; the system allows location determination every four seconds, within five meters of accuracy, via satellite communications.

Norman is using his data-gathering and technical/analytical expertise to help the Metro District assess obvious, but previously dismissed, alternatives for securing our community’s water future wisely and at less cost. He believes that “math doesn’t lie” and that the Metro District needs to gather the applicable data, and allow that data, and its subsequent analysis, to “lead us where it leads us”, and then guide the Metro District’s water and wastewater consolidation strategy

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Kathy Rosenkrans - Director (term expires 2020)

Kathy Rosenkrans

Kathy Rosenkrans is an IT professional, a mother of two and a Castle Pines resident since 1989. Kathy and her husband, Don, live and raised their children in the KnightsBridge neighborhood. Kathy says the day she and her husband drove into the community for the first time, they knew it was where they wanted to put down roots. “It was one of those beautiful winter days. Kids were sledding, and the area had a unique feel to it.”

Since joining the Board in 2012, the District has continued acquiring water assets and effectively working with those assets to set the goal of 50% renewable water by 2030 based on the Renewable Water Plan. She believes this commitment to furthering use of existing renewable water infrastructure will secure the community's water future, property values, and quality of life.

Kathy is proud that the District maintains its prized Standard & Poor's AA and Moody's A1 bond ratings. And she says the reason she moved here more than two decades ago, is the same reason she’s stayed. “This is a great community to live in. I want to continue to build a water future, not just for current residents, but those yet to come.”

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About the Staff

Jim Nikkel, District Manager

Jim Nikkel

Many in the region and throughout Colorado know Jim Nikkel, if not personally, then by reputation. Nikkel served 14 years as District Engineer, and more recently as Assistant District Manager, for the Parker Water and Sanitation District. He spearheaded the design and construction of Rueter-Hess Reservoir, a 70,000 acre-foot water storage facility, which is the single largest such facility constructed in Colorado in over 30 years. Jim also served as Project Manager for the Parker District's new $50 million state-of-the-art water treatment plant. Jim became CPNMD’s Manager in September 2013. He received his engineering degree from Metropolitan State College.

Craig Miller, Parks & Open Space Manager

Craig Miller

Craig Miller has been in the Green Industry since 1970, and joined the CPNMD staff in 2014. He has worked in a variety of capacities, including nursery sales and landscape design, landscape construction and maintenance, urban forest management, pesticide application, lawn and tree care, open space management, water conservation and tree and landscape care sales. He has a B.S. in Horticulture from Michigan State University, and is an ISA Certified Arborist and a Colorado licensed pesticide applicator.

Craig is responsible for planning, scheduling, coordinating, and supervising the work of crews performing landscaping, turf maintenance, tree maintenance and repair projects of District owned parks and open spaces and trails. He also plans and coordinates the Districts water conservation program, and holds community events to present classes on water efficient landscaping and xeriscape.

Janet Burnham, District Administrator

Janet Burnham

Janet has been with the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District since just after its reorganization in 1996. Prior to working for the District, Janet worked for eleven years as a manager in sales administration and product management for Information Handling Services.

As the District Administrator, Janet is responsible for billing, customer service, payroll, tap fee administration, and other varied administrative duties. She serves as secretary to the board of directors and as the designated election official for CPNMD elections. She also serves as treasurer of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Rocky Mountain Section Customer Service Committee.

Janet holds a B.A. from New York University.

Susan Nagel, Customer Service Representative

Susan Nagel

Susan has worked in the customer service field for 10 years and joined the CPNMD staff in a part-time capacity in 2008. She coordinates reservations for events and meetings at the community center, as well as reservations for the District's ball fields, park pavilions and open space. Susan is happy to assist with any customer billing questions.

Susan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of South Dakota.

David Anderson, Parks & Open Space Supervisor

David Anderson

David has worked in the green industry since 1985 and joined the CPNMD staff in 2010.

He is responsible for the irrigation system operation and maintenance of District owned parks, medians and open space. He supervises and coordinates crews to ensure that the facilities and amenities throughout the District's three parks, 14 miles of trails and 351 acres of open space are maintained year-round to the highest level of standards for the enjoyment of the Castle Pines North community.

To assure that the most efficient water management practices are being followed, David closely monitors the District's water use by utilizing data provided by the centralized computer controlled irrigation system installed in 2008.

David holds a degree in Horticulture and Agronomy from Kansas State University.

Cory Williams, Water Distribution/Wastewater Collection Lead Operator

Cory Williams

Cory has served the Castle Pines North community since 1994 when water and wastewater services were provided by the Castle Pines Metro District (Village). Castle Pines North Metro District acquired sole responsibility for CPN utility operations in 1999.

Cory is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the District's water distribution and wastewater collection systems, including 90 miles of sewer and water mains, nine wastewater lift stations, and nearly 600 fire hydrants. He also administers preventative maintenance programs (e.g. leak detection and robotic inspection of wastewater mains). He attended Western State College and Metro State College. His certifications from the State of Colorado Water & Wastewater Facility Operators include:

  • Drinking Water Treatment: Level C
  • Drinking Water Distribution: Level 2
  • Domestic Wastewater Collection: Level 2

Nathan Travis, Distribution & Collection Systems Foreman

Nathan Travis

Nathan has worked with Castle Rock Utilities for 6 years in their Line Maintenance Division where he was a Sr. Maintenance Technician and a Crew-Lead. He joined CPNMD in January, 2012. Nathan's primary job responsibilities include maintaining the lift stations, booster station, and the collection and distribution systems. Additionally, he has been placed in charge of the utility side of the GIS database (primarily mapping). Nathan is also responsible for underground utility locates. His certifications include:

  • Drinking Water Treatment: Level D
  • Drinking Water Distribution: Level 3
  • Domestic Wastewater Collection: Level 3

Marty Gassaro, Distribution & Collection Systems Operator

Marty Gassaro

Marty has been in the Water and Wastewater Industry since 2003, and a member of the Castle Pines North Metro District since November of 2013.

He is involved in the routine maintenance of all distribution and collection system facilities, and is responsible for meter reading, meter changes and the installation of all meter reading equipment.

Marty graduated in May 2000 with a bachelor’s degree from Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa Georgia, and currently holds the following Colorado State Operator’s Licenses:

  • Drinking Water Distribution: Level 4
  • Domestic Wastewater Collection: Level 4
  • Drinking Water Treatment: Level C
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment: Level D

Natalio Maldonado, Parks & Forestry Maintenance Specialist

Natalio Maldonado

Natalio (or Nat, as we call him) joined the CPNMD team in July of 2017. His responsibilities as a Parks & Forestry Maintenance Specialist include maintenance of our irrigation systems, parks, trails and recreational facilities. Before joining CPNMD he spent over four years at a private tree company, so his skills as an arborist will come in handy while working to ensure our community's trees and shrubs remain healthy.

Nat grew up in Colorado, where he developed a love for the outdoors. His idea of a vacation is escaping to the mountains with his girlfriend and five-year-old daughter. Their favorite place to camp is Granby.

You're likely to see Nat out and about taking good care of our public spaces, so wave or say hello the next time you spot him.