Providing clean, safe, reliable, on-demand drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, parks, trails, and open space services to the people of Castle Pines, west of I-25.

How to Understand Your Bill


All CPNMD residential water customers have individualized water budgets, or allotments, that are based on a number of factors, including lot size. During the irrigation season, April through October, your monthly budget will vary depending on these factors which take into account historical anticipated rainfall amounts. This budget is designed to cover both indoor water use and irrigation. During the winter, all residents are allotted a budget of 5,000 gallons per month for indoor use.

Your budget determines the rate at which your water use is charged. Residents who stay within their budget are charged at the lowest rate per thousand gallons, or what we refer to as Tier 1. As you exceed your budget, the rate per thousand gallons increases through Tiers 2, 3, and 4. Water budgets are one of the means by which the District hopes to encourage conservation - the more you use, the more you pay. View the rate sheets for a full explanation of the water rates.

Each month your bill will show your budget for that month and how your actual usage compares to that budget. There is also a notation of the next month's budget so that you can plan your water use accordingly. You are only charged for the gallons you use.

In addition to the charge for actual water use, residents pay a customer service charge to offset metering and billing expenses, as well as a capital improvement fee designed to cover the cost of capital improvements and repairs to the existing water system infrastructure.


Based on the concept of what comes in as water must go out as sewage, residential wastewater rates are based on average winter water consumption. We use winter consumption because we do not want the water used for irrigation to be a factor. Irrigation water affects our storm drainage system but not the wastewater system.

Beginning in March of each year, water consumption for the previous December, January, and February is averaged and establishes the number of outgoing (wastewater) gallons for which you are charged over the next 12 months.

As with water, residents pay a wastewater customer service fee. The wastewater fee sheets may also be accessed at the link provided above.

Storm Drainage

Customers are charged a flat monthly fee for storm drainage that is based on meter size.

Paying Your Utility Bill is Easy with these Payment Options:

  1. Pay online with a VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card:
    Pay Online Now
  2. Use the bill stub and mail your check to the remittance address shown on the invoice:
    Castle Pines North Metro District
    P.O. Box 645016
    Dallas, TX 75264-5016
  3. Sign up for automatic bank draft. Payment will be deducted automatically from your checking or savings account. You will receive a copy of your bill each month for your records. Automatic Water Bill Payment Authorization Form.
  4. Drop your payment off at our office at 7404 Yorkshire Drive on the NE corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Yorkshire Drive. For your convenience, a secure after-hours drop box is located outside of the office door.
  5. Call 303-688-8550 to make a credit card payment over the phone with one of our customer service representatives.

Late Fees

CPNMD sends utility bills out monthly. Charges are based on the calendar month with meter readings being taken as close to the end of the month as possible. Late fees are not calculated until the amount in arrears is 60 days past due. Once a past due balance is 60 days old, a late fee is added to the bill and the customer receives a shut off notification letter. If payment is not received by the date indicated in the letter, the customer's house is posted with a shut off door hanger. Typically, water service is suspended within a few days after that. The District may charge a re-connect fee to resume service.

Pay Online Now Automatic Water Bill Payment Authorization Form