Providing clean, safe, reliable, on-demand drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, parks, trails, and open space services to the people of Castle Pines, west of I-25.

Proposed Parker Water & Sanitation District Inclusion

Welcome! This page is where you will find information on the proposed Inclusion (merger) of Castle Pines North Metro District’s water & wastewater utilities, infrastructure, and services with those of the Parker Water & Sanitation District. Check out our monthly water & wastewater bill calculator at the bottom of this webpage.

Please email us questions & comments.

Monday's with McEntire
An informal Q&A about the proposed Inclusion

Bring your questions and learn more about the proposed Inclusion of CPNMD’s water & wastewater utilities with those of the Parker Water & Sanitation District.

Please join David McEntire for one in a series of masked and socially distanced weekly Q&A sessions. David’s depth and diversity of relevant professional experiences and the subject-matter expertise he accumulated over several decades in business, combined with his knowledge of every facet of the proposed Inclusion, uniquely qualify him to respond to constituent questions.

  • Weekly Event: Mondays with McEntire: An informal Q&A about the proposed Inclusion
  • Meeting Dates: Beginning Monday, March 8th and continuing each Monday thereafter.
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
  • Location: Castle Pines North Community Center
  • Address: 7404 Yorkshire Drive, Castle Pines, CO 80108
    (Located on the NE corner of Castle Pines Parkway & Yorkshire Drive)

REGISTRATION: Before noon, on Friday, March 5th (and before noon each Friday thereafter), click the button below and complete the brief online registration form.

Due to COVID restrictions, participation is limited. The first eight CPNMD constituents to sign up before noon each Friday will have the opportunity to join David and a special guest for an informal Q&A. Each Friday afternoon, we will call, text, and/or email confirmation to the first eight constituents to register. That confirmation will apply to the following Monday, three days later.


  • To give all in-district residents equal-access opportunities, we respectfully limit each constituent to one Mondays with McEntire appointment.
  • If you receive confirmation and your plans change, please call (303) 688- 8550 immediately; so a fellow constituent can take your place.

Monthly Water & Wastewater Bill Calculator

If properly used, this calculator will help each CPNMD residential customer understand how the proposed Inclusion would impact their respective monthly water and wastewater utility bills.

Our conscientious customer service representatives Susan and Carol, and our billing manager, Dawne, are standing by at (303) 688-8550 to provide you the two figures you will need to plug into the monthly bill calculator below.

To use the calculator, CPNMD’s residential customers will need to enter only two figures into the designated fields:

  1. For any given month in 2020, please enter your Total Monthly Water Consumption (in gallons) in the first designated field below.
  2. Please enter your 2020 Wastewater (Sewer) Winter Average Factor (your average monthly winter use in gallons) in the second designated field below.

Assuming you enter the two figures correctly, the calculator will automatically compute your Total Estimated Monthly Bill for Water & Sewer Services as it would have been under PWSD’s rate structure in the same month last year.

Again, Susan, Carol & Dawne are standing by to help you at (303) 688-8550.