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A good landscape and garden begins with a good design. To learn how Xeriscaping can enhance your home and save you money on your water bill, read The 7 Principles of Xeriscape. You will also find information on water saving Bluegrass alternatives in this document.

Although the Front Range presents a special set of challenges for growing trees, the desire to have a large shade tree in your yard can be a reality. Learn more about caring for your trees in Castle Pines North.

Want to know the proper way to plant trees and shrubs? Our Tree and Shrub Planting Guidelines can get your plants off to the right start.

Full color guide to Xeriscape Plants

Irrigation season is upon us


Find out how you can be water and wallet conscious

May 1 marks the start of our restricted watering schedule that runs through September, and there's no reason to begin watering your landscape until then. This schedule, which restricts watering to every three days and between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 a.m., was developed to help regulate demand during the irrigation season. In previous years, we've witnessed several peak days where water usage was nearly eight times (4+ million gallons/day) the usage than that of a typical winter day (550,000 gallons/day). You can find the calendar here.

Another way we work to conserve our dwindling groundwater supply is through the use of individualized water budgets, which are allotments based primarily on lot size and allow for 27 inches of applied water for landscapes during the five-month irrigation season (May through September). However, the best way to reduce your water consumption is by installing a Xeriscape - an alternative to a traditional bluegrass-heavy landscape relying on native plants that require very little water and maintenance. Craig Miller, our Parks and Open Space Manager, hosts over 30 free classes each year on this topic and has an abundance of information throughout our site.

If you rely heavily on your irrigation system each season, it’s probably in need of a check-up. We offer FREE 90-minute audits through a partnership with Resource Central. Limited numbers are available and are based on first-come, first-served, so sign-up soon at Your audit will include a visual inspection to check for problems, minor adjustments to sprinkler heads, an efficiency test and a customized watering schedule for your landscape.

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