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Hawksley Consulting Water Study Close to Completion

Just like other water providers in the south metro area, Castle Pines North Metropolitan District largely depends on non-renewable groundwater supplies to meet the demands of its customers. We’re facing a challenging future in Colorado, given that ground water supplies are constantly stretched and being depleted. As you know, the District uses both renewable (rainfall and snow melt) water, as well as ground water drawn from wells. CPNMD commissioned international engineering firm Hawksley Consulting, a subsidiary of MWH Global, to conduct a two-year study on not only optimizing the District’s water assets, but also to strategize how it can reduce dependence on non-renewable water by expanding renewable water resources. Hawksley has vast experience in the water industry and also understands concerns unique to CPNMD, given its long-standing relationship with the District. With its guidance, the board will consider a plan that is reliable, cost-effective, and looks to secure the future of the District’s water supply.