Castle Pines North Metropolitan District Wins MWH Global/ Hawksley Consulting Award

Castle Pines North Metropolitan District has been recognized for taking a path to completely replace its dependence on non-renewable groundwater. The strategic vision behind CPNMD’s Renewable Water Implementation Plan won MWH Global (MWH) and Hawksley Consulting’s prestigious President’s Award for technical and quality innovations. Only five awards were handed out worldwide this year, just two in the United States. MWH President of Business Solutions Dan McConville presented the award to District Manager Jim Nikkel and Board President Keith Dodd during a brief ceremony at the District offices Tuesday morning.

After a two-year study by MWH and its subsidiary, Hawksley Consulting, the District adopted a plan that puts existing assets and water rights to work with new infrastructure that will serve its 10,000 customers for years to come. The recommended solution cut 40% from the District's expected costs, saving $7.5 million per year in debt service annually for a capitalized savings of $100 million. That's a capital cost savings of approximately $10,000 per customer in present value terms.

CPNMD Board President, Keith Dodd said, “This is something the community can be proud of because it shows the diligence of the Metro District’s directors over the last 15 years. The study and the plan are tangible ways that we can begin to solve the issue of reliance on ground water.”

District residents will vote on a $64 million dollar financing package in the May 3 special district election, to determine if the infrastructure plan can move forward.

District Manager Jim Nikkel said, “If residents agree, we will move forward to assure that we have renewable water resources to serve our District for years to come. The MWH/Hawksley study shows how it can be done.”

MWH Global/Hawksley Consulting is an internationally renowned engineering, consulting and construction firm based in Colorado. Each year, the firm presents President’s Awards to its projects and teams based on accomplishments in one of four areas, including marketing, business support, management, and technical and quality innovations.