Providing clean, safe, reliable, on-demand drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, parks, trails, and open space services to the people of Castle Pines, west of I-25.

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A good landscape and garden begins with a good design. To learn how Xeriscaping can enhance your home and save you money on your water bill, read The 7 Principles of Xeriscape. You will also find information on water saving Bluegrass alternatives in this document.

Although the Front Range presents a special set of challenges for growing trees, the desire to have a large shade tree in your yard can be a reality. Learn more about caring for your trees in Castle Pines North.

Want to know the proper way to plant trees and shrubs? Our Tree and Shrub Planting Guidelines can get your plants off to the right start.

Full color guide to Xeriscape Plants

Now Hiring: four positions available

Castle Pines North Metro District is hiring four new staff members (April 2022).

Water Distribution System Operator/Foreman, ORC
Distribution System Operator/Foreman, ORC

Wastewater Collection System Operator/Foreman, ORC
Collection System Operator/Foreman, ORC

Field Services Technician (Water & Wastewater Utility Operations)
Field Services Technician

Parks, Trails & Open Space Maintenance Specialist
Parks, Trails & Open Space Maintenance Specialist