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A good landscape and garden begins with a good design. To learn how Xeriscaping can enhance your home and save you money on your water bill, read The 7 Principles of Xeriscape. You will also find information on water saving Bluegrass alternatives in this document.

Although the Front Range presents a special set of challenges for growing trees, the desire to have a large shade tree in your yard can be a reality. Learn more about caring for your trees in Castle Pines North.

Want to know the proper way to plant trees and shrubs? Our Tree and Shrub Planting Guidelines can get your plants off to the right start.

Click the graphic below for CPNMD's full color guide to Xeriscape Plants:

Who's responsible for what? We have your answer.

Which entity is responsible for ___________? Is it CPNMD? Or the City or Master HOA?

Your property taxes are going down - find out why

All homeowners within CPNMD jurisdiction will see a noticeable reduction in their property taxes owed this year thanks to a debt we paid-off early.

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Now available: Public Engagement Update and 2017 Budget process

View the presentations from our Dec. 12 Board of Directors meeting.

Now Available: Updated Draft 2017 Rate Study Presentation from Nov. 21, 2016 Board Meeting

Review the updated 2017 rate study prepared by Bartle Wells Associationand presented to the Board of Directors at its regular meeting on Mon., Nov. 21.

Reminders and Resources for Dog Owners in Castle Pines

We take great pride in caring for the outdoor amenities we own and manage on behalf of our community – and we want to make sure that all residents and their four-legged friends continue to enjoy them. To ensure a safe and fun visit, we’ve complied the most relevant laws for Douglas County dog owners.

Get Your Yard and Garden Ready for Fall

Prepare your yard and garden for the months ahead with these winterizing tips.

Now Available: Draft 2017 Rate Study Presentation from Oct. 17, 2016 Board Meeting

Read the 2017 rate study presented by Bartle Wells Association, experts in public financing, to the Board of Directors at its regular meeting Mon., Oct. 17.

Don’t Forget to Winter Water!

To keep your landscape plants healthy and to promote good root development, we’re sharing a few tips on proper winter watering.

First Public Basketball Courts Proposed for Castle Pines North

Despite the Castle Pines area’s reputation for outdoor recreation, Castle Pines North does not have one public basketball court to accommodate the community’s b-ball enthusiasts. That’s about to change.

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